Erin R. J. Chick, MA

Erin R. J. Chick, MA

Executive Director

717.412.0772 or 800.445.2444


Erin co-founded Common Sense in 1992. After graduating from college she was trying to decide what career path to pursue. Her mother, Dr. Martha Jones, was looking to expand her private practice to serve a newly created adoption program in PA—the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) and Erin agreed to help her out that summer while she looked for a “real job.” However, she fell in love with this work and was excited to be part of those earliest days in the SWAN program. She was part of a team working to develop a system in PA that would ensure no child languished in foster care and that every child would be part of a permanent loving family no matter what their needs. Now she can’t imagine doing anything else.

She has developed Common Sense into a highly effective organization committed to providing adoption and foster care services to children and families.

Bachelor of Sociology, Smith College
Organizational Design and Effectiveness, Fielding Graduate Institute, MA

On a Personal Note:
Erin shares, “I have done every aspect of this work at some point in my career. I was a Case Manager for many years, working directly with families and children. I have also trained professionals from around the state on how to provide adoption services for children in the foster care system. We work in a very complex and often challenging system, so developing a highly skilled organization that can respond to the needs of not just our clients, but the systems we work in is critically important.”