Client Forms

Client Forms

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Please contact us first at 717.412.0772 or 800.445.2444 before submitting an application.

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Clearance Links

All clearances below are required for all household members 18 years of age and older. Original clearances must be viewed and certified by Common Sense staff. We recommend keeping a copy of your receipts.

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check
Visit and follow the directions provided. Do NOT select Volunteer as these clearances are not accepted for foster/adoptive approval.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification
Visit and follow the directions to create and account and submit your application.

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services FBI Fingerprint Record Check
Visit and enter the following Service Code: 1KG71B

Social Security Earnings Statement

Go to and follow the online instructions. You must create an account before you can view and print your Social Security Statement.


Other Applicant Forms

Client Medical Reference

Disclosure Statement


Placement Forms

Child Doctor Visit Form

Child Dental Exam Form